Split Willow Tree Dismantle in Chard

J.A TREEWORKS was commissioned to dismantle a large 80ft, dangerous, willow tree near Chard.

The job was particularly interesting because of a major split running from the crown break to the floor. Normally in this situation we would avoid climbing it and look at other ways in taking the tree down, however these were ruled out for the following reasons:Willow Tree to Dismantle

• Winching/Felling – There was a small river and field fence running around the back of the tree and a large pond containing fish in the other direction.

• Use of mobile elevated work platform ‘MEWP’ was not an option because garden access was poor and the field side was too wet and boggy for any sort of machinery to enter.

Due to the seasons changing it was presumed and agreed by us the contractor and the landowner the ground wouldn’t dry out to allow machinery in before the winter storms arrived. If the tree would fell itself in a storm the damage incurred would cost more to fix and clear up than climbing and dismantling it.

The decision was made to secure the tree with two, 10-ton ratchet straps, this would hold the tree together. We also decided not to use our lowering and rigging equipment to prevent shock loading the tree and adding forces that could pull the tree apart.tree-surgery-chard-willow

Weather conditions were perfect on the day, winds were still and the sun was out! Initially I started by checking the owl box for any signs of nesting, which there wasn’t. So, this was removed and set up later on, in another tree. After gaining the top anchor point, I could start to dismantle the tree. I had to use a variety of size saws on this job to allow me to work quickly and safely. We maintained good communication throughout the climb with everyone on site and the climbing and tidying up worked smoothly.

By 2pm on the first day of the job, the tree was made safe by removing all the lateral limbs, bringing it down in height. This removed the ‘sail’ effect of the tree allowing the wind to pass around it, without pulling the tree around.tree-surgery-cullompton

We made the decision that now the tree was safe we would concentrate on spending the rest of the day tidying up on the floor making good use of the hired wood chipper we had on site. This means the job was cost effective for not only us but the customer.

We returned a few days later to fell the remainder of the tree. We used our new Stihl MS661 chainsaw which has 91.1 cc and a 3ft bar. The tree was directed well and landed next to the log pile allowing us to quickly cut and ring it up without having to move the pieces.tree-surgeon-exeter

Everyone on this site enjoyed being part of this dismantle and we look forward to the next big tree work.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.