Works with the Cullompton Community Assocition

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Being a tree surgeon, I have alwayvolunteering-in-cullomptons had an appreciation of our countryside and wildlife and I am fully committed to “doing my bit” to ensure that the countryside and green spaces that we live amongst are protected and taken care of as much as possible.

I strongly believe that it is up to us as the people who live in our communities, to contribute to the protection of the few green spaces we have left, to ensure that future generations are able to come enjoy and use these areas as much as we can.

I am committed to supporting local charities and associations in and around the South West and especially in my town of Cullompton.ja-treeworks-pruning-cut-tree-surgeon-cullompton-tree-pruning-arborist-3

I was introduced to the Cullompton Community Association through an employee of tescos, Mr William Gillings.  William is a Community Works Organiser at Tesco and regularly gets involved with fundraisers and other community projects.

After a discussion with the Committee Board at the Cullompton Community Association regarding how I could help out, it was agreed that they would welcome me to carry out some tree works to the CCA fields behind the Tesco Store in Cullompton. The CCA fields are 32 acres of open countryside, right in the heart of Cullompton and are easily accessible and are enjoyed by the residents and visitors of Cullompton.

The work which I carried out on 30th November was to the avenue of Horse Chestnut tree’s along the track leading to the Cricket and Football Club. The trees have had poor tree surgery carried out to them in the past, where long limbs were left not pruned back to the appropriate points on the tree.  This had the potential to affect the overall health of the trees.

Pruning ccharity-cullompton-tree-felling-prune-j-a-treeworks-devon-tree-surgeon-_page_1ut location is critical to a tree healing it’s wound and continuing thrive. Pruning cuts should be made at a branch union of the tree, allowing the remaining section to heal over the wound.  If the tree is unable to heal it’s wound, this allows infection and disease to enter the tree, which could eventually result in the tree failing at the stem.

To find our more about the correct pruning techniques to use on trees, you can download the Arb Association Guide to Pruning Trees or visit the Arb Association website for more information.

All of the trees along the track by the CCA fields were pruned correctly which will now allow the trees to heal well and will ensure their development can continue for years to come.

It was a great to carry out some work for the local community and I would encourage anyone with a little spare time to consider contributing to the maintenance of your local community.  The CCA are always looking for more volunteers so if you want to get involved please email the them at

JA TREEWORKS was fortunate enough to have a mention in the local paper The Culm Valley Gazette, and the CCA facebook page too. Thanks very much for all those that got involved.